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YouTuber Tests Apple Watch Ultra Durability With a Hammer: Table Breaks Before the Watch

Posted by Elizabeth Sullivan on

A YouTuber has put Apple's claims for the durability of the Apple Watch Ultra to the test by putting it up against a drop test, a jar of nails, and repeated hits with a hammer to test the sapphire crystal glass.

TechRax, a channel popular for testing the durability of products, first tested the ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ by dropping it from around 4 feet high. The ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ was left mostly unscuffed, besides some dents alongside the titanium casing from the drop. Next, the ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ was mixed around in a jar of nails and, once again, was left with no visible marks. 

TechRax also tested the durability of the ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌'s sapphire crystal display by repeatedly hitting it with a hammer. In the test, the watch withstood repeated hits with the hammer until it finally cracked after repeated blows, only after the table took some damage first.

While the ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌'s display did not initially take damage, the watch did fail to turn on after repeated hits. The failure to power on could indicate that while the glass may not have broken at first, some internal components may have faced damage. Of course, the test is unrealistic in portraying a typical use case of the ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌, but it may provide some customers reassurance for the strength of the sapphire crystal display.

Apple claims the ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ is its most rugged, durable, and extreme Apple Watch yet and is aimed to compete directly with Garmin.