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Wearing Two Watches

Posted by Sophia Williams on

About a year ago, I made the choice to wear both a traditional watch on my left wrist and a smartwatch on my right wrist all day long, every day. So here I am to let you all know that it really is the best of both worlds. You should consider doing the same if both types of watches intrigue you.
I know it will feel a little anachronistic, admiring the simplicity of history while wanting the fancy new features of technology in the future. I find myself going back and forth between the two almost daily. I want the newest technology for my digital camera, but part of me feels an inkling to go back to shooting film. I like the convenience of streaming music on Pandora, but I spend tons of money on vinyl records. This is the same problem I have with my watches, my love for both designs of wristwatches. For ages, I’ve admired traditional watches, intricate hand made mechanicals and affordable quartz movements likewise. However,  I’m still drawn to smartwatches and all of the functional and multi-features they have to offer. My traditional watch collection is relatively modest, as I’m more the Casio and Seiko type. In other words, while I appreciate the luxurious side of things out there, I seek out affordable timekeepers that are still fairly well made and designed and should last a long time. On the other hand, I also enjoy the Apple Watch that I bought. While certain people out there might classify the styles of watches I enjoy as “sport” or “tool  watches, I personally disagree as there really is nothing further sporting or toolequipped than an Apple Watch. It’s a helpful little computer for your wrist.