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Turn on Do Not Disturb

Posted by Elizabeth Sullivan on

do not disturb
Just like your iPhone, the Apple Watch supports a Focus mode with Do Not Disturb so you're not bothered by phone calls, text messages, or other notifications. By default, the Focus setting on your watch mirrors the iPhone.

On your watch, you can flip on Focus and Do Not Disturb a couple of ways. Go to Settings > Focus. Tap the category for Do Not Disturb. Then tap Add New to enable it now or set up a schedule. The half-moon icon appears at the top of the screen to indicate Do Not Disturb mode.

Alternatively, swipe up from the bottom of the watch screen to Control Center and tap the half-moon icon. At the next screen, choose whether to leave Do Not Disturb on until you turn it off, for one hour, until this evening, or until you leave your current location.