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Trading In Your Apple Products?

Posted by Sophia Williams on

Looking to exchange in your Apple product to retain some money on either a new iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch? Well, you may unfortunately get much less than expected, as Apple has decreased the trade-in price of certain products anywhere from $5 to $80, according to reports.

Newer iPhones have received the largest cuts, with an $80 cutback on the iPhones 13 Pro Max, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and lastly (for now) the iPhone 13 Pro. Apple additionally reduced the trade-in cost on most different iPhones around the amount of $10 to $50. One would be the iPhone 7 Plus now only gives you $50 as an alternative of $60.

I know the moment you have been waiting for is the Apple Watches! Well lucky for you I have some information on those as well, not as much as I would like but something is better than nothing.  Apple additionally knocked off $5 to $10 on their Apple Watches as well, which brings down the first-gen Apple Watch SE to $65 from $70. With all of this in mind, all of these expenses are "up to," in the air so the genuine quantity you acquire can be different.