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Track Your Sleep

Posted by Elizabeth Sullivan on

sleep tracking
If you need to track your sleep, third-party sleep tracking apps have long been available for the Apple Watch, but Apple has since introduced its own built-in sleep tracker with watchOS 7. The Sleep app can determine how much time you’re actually asleep during the night, analyze your night-time schedule to help you try to get better sleep, and record your sleeping pattern over an extended period of time.

To set this up, open the Health app on your iPhone. Swipe down the Summary screen and tap the Get Started button for Set Up Sleep. You can then set a goal for the number of hours you’d like to sleep, create a bedtime and wake time weekly schedule, and program any alarms you might need.

You can enable Sleep Mode to automatically turn on Do Not Disturb at your bedtime; Wind Down mode also eliminates distractions a certain number of minutes before bedtime. You can also turn on sleep tracking directly from the Sleep app on your watch. Then just wear your watch to bed and check the sleep data on your iPhone the next morning to see how much you slept.