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The New Oceanic App

Posted by Sophia Williams on

Recently, the Oceanic app comes to Apple Watch Ultra, turning Apple’s most tough watch into a completely and able dive computer. This app was Designed by Huish open in collaboration with Apple, it enables recreational scuba divers to take the watch they wear every day to preliminarily unobtainable depths — over to 40 measures, or 130 bases, to be exact with the each-new depth hand and water temperature detectors on Apple Watch Ultra.
The Oceanic app on Apple Watch Ultra and the companion app for iPhone give all of the crucial features of an advanced dive computer, robust dive planning, and a comprehensivepost-dive experience.
“At Huish Outdoors, our purpose is fueling the human spirit for adventure,” says Mike Huish, the company’s CEO. “Oceanic+ on Apple Watch Ultra is one of the biggest innovations to hit the dive industry in a long time. We’re creating an accessible, shareable, better diving experience for everybody.” When the first scuba divers took to the ocean in the 1950s to explore the depths of the world’s waters, dive computers were still roughly 30 times down. By the ’80s and ’90s, numerous pukka divers were still putting pen to paper to produce their own dive tablesUsing the Bühlmann relaxation algorithm, they would track their depth and the time spent in the water to insure they could safely plunge beneath the face without overloading their bodies with nitrogen.