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The Best Sleep Tracker

Posted by Sophia Williams on

lately learned that I get the right quantum of sleep each night-- but just slightly. I total around seven hours of slumber, which meets the minimal recommended quantum for grown-ups as outlined by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

know this because I have been wearing two watches to track my slumber, which would be the Apple Watch and Oura Ring Gen 3. While they each give a number of statistics about my resting habits, Oura goes a notch further by packaging those readings into a tidy Sleep Score that feels like the TL; DR interpretation of my sleep report.

There are a lot of aspects that make a good sleep monitor . Not only does the data have to be useful, but the technology worn overnight should be light and comfortable. The battery life should last at least enough to get through the night and the day. Oura generally excels over the Apple Watch in all of these areas-- indeed outliving the Apple Watch Ultra despite its mesomorphic battery. The Oura ring, of course, does not have a screen or other connected features like the Apple Watch, putting significantly lower strain on the batteryOverall, Oura strikes a better balance of furnishing in- depth reports about my sleep alongside at-a-glance statistics that make better sense of that data, like the Sleep Score