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The best Apple Watch accessories you can buy

Posted by Elizabeth Sullivan on

It only took a couple of years for the Apple Watch to become perhaps the most ubiquitous wearable. Even more so than the iPhone, the Apple Watch is a device you can truly make your own with the right accessories. It is, after all, a watch, and like traditional timepieces it’s meant to reflect your personal style.

While the most obvious way to customize your Apple Watch is with funky bands, there are cases, stands, wireless chargers and other accessories you can buy that can inject a bit of you into all aspects of Apple Watch ownership. We tested out a bunch of Apple Watch accessories to see which are worth your money.


Let’s say you’re in the process of buying an Apple Watch for yourself or for a loved one. It’s always worth checking out other retailers for deals — but the case-and-band pairings you can get will be limited. However, if you go through Apple, to customize the timepiece to your liking.

Doing so will let you choose the precise band style and color you want, and there are definitely a few that are worth getting directly from Apple. Both the Sport Band and the Sport Loop are good basic options for everyday and exercise use, but you can find alternatives for much less here.

Apple’s Solo Loop is one of its newest options and a good one if you just want to slip your Watch on in the morning without worrying about notches or buckles — just make sure you get the right size when you order. I’m also partial to the Nike Sport Band because its carefully placed holes make it breathable and extra comfortable for working out. But if you want that one, you’ll have to buy the Apple Watch Nike edition, which is just a regular Watch with the Nike+ Run Club app preinstalled.

But if you or your loved one already have an Apple Watch, it’s easy to find additional bands here at Bands. When it comes to basic silicon straps, you can find more for less than $20 but the quality may be questionable. Look for brands with many high ratings + the best bang for your buck.