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The Action Button on the Apple watch Ultra

Posted by Sophia Williams on

Working out in the recently extremely cold weather has been interesting to say the least. However, it's not particularly the running in this cold weather that bothers me as much as trying to flip through all the apps on my apple watch to get to the workout app. While it may only be a few seconds, it feels like an eternity. In those couple of seconds, the cold wind hitting my face causes me to shiver and instantly I feel like I got frostbite. Which brings me to the new button on the apple watch ultra called "The Action Button". This button is exclusive to the apple watch ultra. It is a physical button. The button is on the side of the watch, opposite to the digital crown. It is a very distinct orange so you won't miss it. You can program this button to do almost anything. For instance, I created the button to do a 2 mile run as soon as I tap it. This makes it so much easier to walk out the door and immediately be able to start my run.