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Siri Can Now Help With Workouts!

Posted by Sophia Williams on

Tracking exercise overall performance is a spotlight characteristic of the Apple Watch. However, beginning a an exercise with your fingers is no longer the only way to start one because I know sometimes it's not possible. Here's how to do it.
With developments to Siri, it is now feasible to begin a exercise with simply your voice. And, beginning with watchOS 8, you can now get vocalized exercise development updates, permitting you to smash your dreams without having to stop to press buttons.

Starting An Exercise With Your Voice

Starting an exercise on your Apple Watch is as convenient as telling Siri to finish any different task. Make certain you have Siri enabled in the Settings app before you are wanting to start a workout with your voice rather than pressing the button, otherwise it won't work. 

Activate Siri through pressing and holding the Digital Crown, and pronouncing "Hey, Siri", or the use of the Raise to Speak feature.
Tell Siri what exercising you would like to start. For example, say, "Start a tradition ab training workout," or "go on a 30 minutes jog."
Siri will verify your exercising so you can get centered on feeling the burn!

How to get spoken exercise alerts

Once you get your exercise started, I know you do not desire to lose focus, even for the few seconds it takes to check your watch to be able to look at your progress and how you're doing. Luckily you can obtain a spoken alert about your progress so that you don't lose any focus and can keep on with your workout.

All you have to do is go to the settings app from your apple watch and look for "workout". Once you find it, then click on it and look for "voice feedback" and you can either turn it on or off, depending on what you are wanting.