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Should I Buy My Child An Apple Watch

Posted by Sophia Williams on

Apple Watch for children is some thing adults are staring to embrace with the new times. The New York Times ran a story in September 2022 about Apple Watch adoption with children that are as young as 5 years old. Parents are discovering that the Apple Watch is a great alternative for children who want smartphones. The Apple Watch offers them a way to continue to be in contact with parents, share location, and learn the responsibility of owning something that gives access to things that a phone would without having to spend the expensive price for a phone. Which also shows the parents if their child is even ready for such a big responsibility. It also limits access to social media, which can be very appealing to some parents. Apple has a feature called "Family Setup" for watches that are a series 4 and higher, including the SE. Parents can use the cellular option by connecting the parents phone to the child's watch.