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Red dot notification on your apple watch

Posted by Sophia Williams on

Whether you are a first time Apple Watch proprietor or someone that improvements to the latest mannequin each and every year, there are usually matters you can learn. Chief amongst them is getting to know what the a number of icons and symbols that show up on it virtually mean.
Apple has developed a quantity of icons and symbols that are designed to alert you to some thing barring having you free up or contact your Apple Watch. And the appropriate information is no remember which Apple Watch mannequin you have — from the older Series three to the company new Series eight or Ultra — all of these icons are the same.
If you see a red notification icon, it just means that you have acquired a notification and you have not opened the notification yet. This notification should be a broad range of things, it could be from an unopened text, a overlooked phone call, or a notification from essentially any app.

If you see the red dot notification icon, you can take a look at what it is by swiping down at the top of your Apple Watch screen. When you then swipe away from this notification display and again to your default watch face it will mark these notifications as viewed and the red dot will disappear.