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Possible Apple Watch "X"

Posted by Sophia Williams on

According to an unreliable source, Apple is planning to release an "Apple Watch X" rather than an Apple Watch Series 9 as a way to recognize 10 years of the first unveiling of the original watch. 

According to a document from French internet site "iPhoneSoft", Apple plans to omit Apple Watch Series 9, plenty like the enterprise did when it launched the iPhone X alternatively of an iPhone 9 in 2017. Pronounced "ten," the "X" letter referred to the iPhone's tenth anniversary.

Using a source from an Apple provider; Luxshare,  that records allegedly supplied with the aid of a individual working on the project, the record goes on to declare that the "Apple Watch X" will run watchOS 10, and even hinting that it will be launched later this year.

The document notes that whilst the authentic Apple Watch launched sometime in spring of 2015, CEO Tim Cook released the new product in September 2014 to the press when the iPhone 6 was once presented, and it is this date that the tenth anniversary "X" watch will celebrate.

That being said, if the Apple watch "X" is actually launched in 2023, then only 9 years would have passed in the time that Cook unveiled the authentic model. For the "X" branding to make sense accordingly, Apple would actually have to launch it the "X" in 2024 (to be more likely then 2025, which would be the tenth anniversary of the real launch of the first Apple Watch).