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New Features for Runners

Posted by Sophia Williams on

The watchOS9.2 started rolling out this day along with the iOS16.2 update, and with it comes two new jogging features Automatic Track Discovery and Race Routes. The former uses Apple Charts and GPS to make note of the exact path you’re running on, while the feature lets you race against your past times on your favorite routes. As well, the Apple Watch Ultra can now get up to 17 hours in Low Power Mode during multisport conditioning.

Automatic Track Discovery can tell whenever you arrive at any standard 400- cadence out-of-door trackRunners will be urged to elect the lane at the launch of an outdoor workout. You’ll be urged during the drill after arriving,( If you have to run to the track itself.) During track exercises, you will receive alerts of each lap. However, you can manually submit that information after your workout if the app didn't catch the track and information.