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More Buzz About New Apple Watch Nine

Posted by Sophia Williams on

Apple is the best of the best when it comes to smartwatches, and it has been reigning supreme for years now no matter how gradual the start. With 2023 here, we're all waiting anxiously for the up and coming models of the company's iconic timepiece. Over the years, Apple has made a consistent movement of enhancements to the Apple Watch, adding an always-on face display in 2019, blood oxygen monitoring in 2020, and temperature sensing in 2022.

This year, however, a smaller improvement to materialize is most probable. Considering how Apple completely shook up its smartwatch lineup recently with the launch of the amazing Apple Watch Ultra and the second-gen Apple Watch SE. Now, there are still rumors that people are running with for the Watch Series 9 (unlike for the iPhone 15 series), but that is all they are for now, just rumors.

The principal new fitness function predicted to arrive on the Apple Watch is a noninvasive and a non-stop blood glucose monitor, in accordance to a Bloomberg file posted in February. With this, experimenting for blood glucose requires pricking skin for blood. To take a look at glucose ranges besides blood, Apple is stated to be investigating an strategy that entails the usage of a silicon phonics chip for a size technique known as optical absorption spectroscopy. This method shines light from a laser beneath the  skin to decide the quantity of glucose in the body, the document says. While predominant growth has reportedly been made in bringing this characteristic to life, the science has to be miniaturized to match in a wearable device. If Apple pulls this off, it has the possibility to make the Apple Watch fundamental in tens of millions of diabetic households