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Is The Oura Ring Better Than The Apple Watch?

Posted by Sophia Williams on

I am a big devotee of wearable technology, but I have always been an advocate of using technology responsibly.
Smart rings also fall into this order. However is it good enough to replace the apple watch? The Oura ring is by far the best known, although other tech companiesincluding Samsung, are trying their best to also get into the ring. We rated the Oura ring exceedingly well in our review. I was finally able to put it to the test for myself and see what the hype is all about. 

Here are some oura ring Cons:
The first thing for me, the ring itself is around 2.5 mm thick, which may not particularly sound like an issue, however the recommendation to place it on the forefinger means I’m hyper aware of scratching it every time I go to open a door with a steel handle. It is supposedly water proof, however I still tend to take it off if I do the dishes because I am cautious of scraping it on pots. Which from then, I tend to forget I was even wearing it because of how small and light that it is.

I also tend to take it off while working out at a gym because again with how light and delicate it is, gripping a barbell, dumbbell, or pull- up bar will absolutely scratch or damage the ring, and by taking it off, you lose all exertion information for your workout session. Therefore, it could potentially set your recovery and other health criteria.

It’s also not really suitable to replace the Apple Watch when it comes to any specialist exercise such as: cycling, swimming, or even running criteria. There is no GPS information on the Oura either, so when you think about it, all it does is add a tag so you can block that time on your heart rate graph.