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Is The Apple Watch Ultra Suitable For Outdoors

Posted by Sophia Williams on

When the first Apple Watch came out in 2015, it showed no signs of ever really becoming a serious tool watch. Apple hadn't met certain standards to serve the out-of-door community, and, for some of us alfresco types, Apple's largely connected products contradicted our want as well as need to dissociateget lost, and leave these new modern times.

I don't really do ultramodern technology outside. I am more likely to scuba dive with a mechanical watchindeed precious stretch Rolex Submariners and sundry other oldacademy divers. Get me off the grid, and I will use a paper map or even simple compass and the setting sun to find my way. So you can see why I would never think of using an apple watch.

However, during fall Apple gave us just those features we were wanting in the Apple Watch Ultra. It's a larger tool watch, but light weight and tough in titanium, that could take a beating, get wet, and maybe indeed trust our survival when stuff goes sideways outsideLast week, Apple launched the Oceanic app, which turned the Ultra into a completely featured dive computer. And yes, now we can take it scuba diving.

Apple, a company heavily invested in our interests with displays of all sizes, was claiming to serve our desire to dissociate and get lost in nature. As you can presume, I was very skeptical. Surely no single tool watchstill sophisticated, could do it all — let alone a smartwatch. But Apple wanted to prove that the Ultra could be that one tool for people like me, so the company invited a group of columnists to Kona, Hawaii to journey, hike, trail run, scuba dive and further with the Ultra. Gear Patrol reached out, allowing I might cast a particularly critical eye.