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Posted by Elizabeth Sullivan on

It's important to clean your apple watch and bands so they continue to have that new look to them. In this blog, we will go over the different methods to cleaning each apple watch band material. Read below to find out how!

Cleaning your silicone apple watch band is very simple. In fact, cleaning the silicone apple watch band is the easiest out of all the band materials. You need Clorox, water, and a nonabrasive cloth. Get the cloth wet and wipe your silicone watch band until it is clean. Only use Clorox for any stains that you cannot get with the water. 

Cleaning your nylon apple watch bands requires warm water, soap, a small brush, and a clean cloth. You want the small brush to have soft bristles. Make sure while you are cleaning the band you remove it from your watch. Soak the cloth in warm water and soak the band. Apply soap on the band and gently scrub the band. Clean the soap off with the cloth and rinse it out. Let the band dry before putting it back on your watch. 

Cleaning your leather band requires a damp cloth, and a very soft cloth. Clean the leather with the damp cloth. Once it is clean, place the band to dry in a cool place. Do not place it under direct sunlight or in a moist place. 

Cleaning stainless steel bands requires a nonabrasive cloth. Use water and the cloth to wipe off any stains. Keep the stainless-steel watch bands away from chemicals. 

Cleaning wood apple watch bands requires a lint free, nonabrasive cloth, and water. Get the cloth damp and carefully wipe the bands and remove dirt and any stains. 

Cleaning ceramic apple watch bands is fast and easy and requires a lint free nonabrasive cloth. Simply wipe the cloth and especially watch for any stains or hard to reach places. 

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