How To Clean Your Apple Watch – Bands™

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How To Clean Your Apple Watch

Posted by Sophia Williams on

If your apple watch is dirty and you want to clean it but aren't sure how, here are five steps to follow:

First, you'll want to remove the watch band by pressing on the buttons on the back of your apple watch. While holding down the buttons, you will slide the watch band out . Once you have removed the bands, you are going to inspect the watch and get a closer look at all the places and dirt has built up. You will need a cotton swab/Q-tip in order to loosen up any dirt that may be stuck to the watch. Look up the instructions on apples website on how to enter water resistant mode for your apple watch. If you feel comfortable enough after reading, you can use gently running water to help loosen the dirt if the cotton swab was not enough. You can also use an interdental brush for the microphone and audio ports. Once you are satisfied, you can use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down your watch on the front and back and then use a dry one over that and you can slide your bands back in.