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Posted by Patrick Martinez on

Apple Watches have improved significantly over the past few years, including the health benefits important to all age groups.  And, the technology keeps getting better every year, including the advancement of the apps that can be integrated with the Apple Watch.

For instance, Apple Watches have an Activity app that alerts you to move/stand at least once every hour and can even remind you to breath. The watch can also monitor your heart rate, detect potential problems in real time including irregular heartbeats. In fact, the Apple Watch has an ECG app that can provide important information for your doctors and let you know if your heart is functioning correctly, including the ability to detect whether your heart shows signs of Atrial Fibrillation or Sinus Rhythm.


There is another app that will alert you when noise levels are too high and could be damaging to your ears, and another one that with help remind you to take calm breaths and can help destress your mind and body. There is a wide array of things this device can do, from tracking your menstrual cycle to providing real time assistance from a fall.

For instance, when the Apple Watch detects a hard fall, it can sound an alarm and show you an alert. You can either press “I’m OK” or slide the SOS to instantly call emergency services. If you are unable to move or unconscious, the watch will detect that and call emergency services for you after a minute. This feature of the Apple Watch is very impressive, like the technology seen in the “I have fallen and can’t get up” advertisements, except there is no effort needed on your part if unconscious, for instance. The emergency services will be called for you if you are unable to get up nor respond.


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