From straps to chargers, here are 7 cool and useful Apple Watch Series – Bands™

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From straps to chargers, here are 7 cool and useful Apple Watch Series 7 accessories

Posted by Elizabeth Sullivan on

The Apple Watch Series 7 is here with a re-designed screen. The latest smartwatch from Apple has more rounded corners, the largest screen area yet, and tougher glass. Despite the slightly different size, the Series 7 watch is still compatible with previous straps. That hasn't stopped the onslaught of new Apple Watch Series 7 accessories, however. As with previous models, users will need to be sure to match the band to the size of the watch: 45mm or 41mm.

Apple's common third-party brand partners have a slew of updated styles to coincide with the updated watch. Apple's own watch straps see some new colors while several brands have entirely new styles.

While the straps are compatible, Apple Watch Series 7 ships with an updated charger. The charger keeps the same magnetic wireless design, but the opposite end now uses
. That change is part of what allows the Series 7 to charge faster, so owners of Apple's latest watch are going to want to ensure charger compatibility for the most speed.

And, while straps are compatible, the cases that wrap around the screen are not for some brands' designs. Apple says that the changes in dimensions are minimal, but some third-party case makers have listed their previously-released cases as incompatible with Series 7. The different dimensions mean that not all bumpers will fit.

Here are some of the coolest Apple Watch Series 7 accessories to hit stores.

Apple's new Sport Band colors

Apple hasn't launched new band styles, but the company now has new colors in favorite band styles. The sport band — the same style that ships with the watch — has seven new colors, including earth tones like a deep green and orange as well as a lavender and off-white. The nylon sport loop has five new dual-color options. Both the Braided Solo Loop and the Leather Link have four new colors. The straps made in partnership with Nike also see some new colors. Nike Sport band with holes for breathability now comes in navy, gray and coral. The Nike Sport Loop keeps the nylon weave but adds the Nike swoosh logo and three new color options.

New Apple Watch Hermès luxury bands

In a partnership with Apple, the luxury brand Hermès will launch two new styles later this fall. The Apple Watch Hermès Circuit H Single Tour is a leather strap with a printed chain motif. The Gourmette Double Tour uses leather shaped into a chain design. Previous Hermès styles will also see color updates this fall.

An eco-friendly band made from ocean plastics

Lifeproof's newest Apple Watch bands are made from 99% ocean-bound plastics. The plastic is turned into yarn for a look similar to nylon bands. The recycled plastic band uses a traditional buckle clasp and sells for about $40. Lifeproof says the packaging is recyclable as well.

The Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charger

Part of the reason the Apple Watch Series 7 has faster charge times is the charger. Apple's updated charger will ship with the new watch. But, for users who like to have a backup handy, Apple is selling extra Magnetic Fast Chargers for $29. These chargers deliver up to a 33% faster recharge but are only compatible with the Series 7. Apple's older chargers are not listed as compatible with the Series 7.

Moment's new Everyday Leather Strap

Moment, a company that started out making smartphone photography accessories, is launching new leather Apple Watch straps expected to ship in October. Made with the Series 7 watch in mind, Moment says that the new Everyday Leather straps are made of a durable, soft leather with a stainless steel buckle. The straps sell for about $50, putting them well under the leather straps from Hermès.

Casetify's patterned Apple Watch bands

If you favor patterns over solid colors, Casetify's Apple Watch bands may be worth a look. With more than 1,000 different designs, some of the Casetify straps are new while others are older designs that will still fit on the newest Apple Watch. The company has a wide variety of styles designed by artists in leather as well as TPU and stainless steel band options. Casetify says that its leather straps are water, sweat, and scratch-resistant. The leather is also biodegradable.

Zagg's new screen protector for Apple Watch Series 7

Apple says that the Series 7 is made with a stronger glass in the screen. But, for wearers who like an extra layer of protection, Zagg already has screen protectors made to fit the more curved screen of the latest Apple Watch. Zagg has two types of InvisibleShield:, a more affordable, thin, clear option and a more durable hybrid choice. A third option pairs the stronger screen protector with a bumper to protect the sides of the watch face.