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Fall Detection Gone Wrong

Posted by Sophia Williams on

Skiers and snowboarders carrying Apple Watches have caused a “dramatic expand in unintended 911 calls,” in accordance to the Bonner County, Idaho, Sheriff’s Office.
The sheriff posted a statement “Last Saturday, nearly 30% of our 911 calls were unintentional 911 calls from people enjoying activities on Schweitzer Mountain,”
The Schweitzer Mountain ski inn had no idea about this.
The marketing director was unaware and said it was fascinating once he was told this information.
Apple watch has the fall detection feature. If the watch senses that the consumer is moving, it asks for them to reply and sends an alarm if no response is given, then it routinely calls 911 within 20 seconds. If customers are fifty five or older, fall detection is immediately on and for customers as young as 18, fall detection has to be turned on.
However, surprisingly,  the Lookout Ski Resort on the Idaho-Montana border has only had one unintended emergency call from an apple watch. 
News reports show that sheriff’s places from all over have documented the same thing with ski areas all through the us.