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Fall Detection For Winter Activities

Posted by Sophia Williams on

Anyone who is sledding, skiing or snowboarding with an Apple Watch needs to check their settings.
That is a request from the Stearns County Sheriff's Office on Friday after authorities encountered several calls that a crash had just happened. The announcement proceeded in deputies responding to a location via GPS, but they couldn't find a crash or anyone in need of help. The sheriff's office is letting people know to check the settings on their Apple Watch or analogous device when they are getting ready to participate in any of these activities, so the device does not place an urgent call inadvertently.
On the Apple website you can find instructions detailing how to use fall detection. If the feature is on and the watch determines it detects a fall or crash, then your watch will send you an alert on your watch and you can either choose have your watch call emergency services or just dismiss it. If you do not respond, then your watch will wait about roughly a minute and if you're not moving then it will make the call for you.