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Exercises based on your workout routine

Posted by Elizabeth Sullivan on

Gentler Streak for Apple Watch, an app that wants to bring compassion to your fitness goals, has just been updated to version 2.3. With that, the app is bringing yet another exclusive feature called Go Gentler, which plans to stimulate a healthier attitude toward exercise and fitness by suggesting workouts based on users’ exercises.

It’s a totally unique feature because it learns from you. There are five suggestions, and the most appropriate one is listed in first – and sometimes it’s gonna be rest. You’ll always know the proper activity for the day, and you can start the workout on your Apple Watch.

According to the Gentler Streak press release note, the Go Gentler feature holds samples of optimal daily actions per person by proving various suggestions. In addition, each workout tip is specified by type, duration, and intensity.

Workout suggestions are pooled from the user’s workout history and adjusted in duration and intensity to land them inside their optimal activity levels.

With Go Gentler, it’s also possible to interact with the Activity Path, so the user can decide how hard – or gently – they want the activity to be.

Gentler Streak offers 90+ workout types, including dog walking, kitesurfing, parkour, and more. With an Activity Hub on the iPhone app, it shows all activities ever tracked in one place, progress charts, activity summaries, recaps, insights, and more.

The app is free to download here on the App Store but requires a subscription to take full advantage of it. The Premium Monthly is $6.99 and Premium Yearly is $19.99.