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Discontinuing App for Apple Watch

Posted by Sophia Williams on

The watchOS App Store has seen numerous important third- party apps leave the platform in recent times, and it seems that this is still an ongoing problem. This time, Microsoft has decided and stated that its two- step verification app “ Microsoft Authenticator ” will no longer work with the Apple Watch. On a support page, Microsoft revealed that an update coming to the Microsoft Authenticator iOS app in January 2023 will remove the companion app from watchOS. As a result, Apple Watch customers will no longer be suitable to pierce the service through the device.

The company claims that the decision to discontinue the watchOS app is due to the fact that the Apple Watch operating system is “ inharmonious with Authenticator security features. ” Microsoft also recommends that consumers who still have Authenticator installed on their Apple Watch cancel the app, as it's anticipated to stop working coming month.
It’s worth noting that this only affects the watchOS interpretation of the app, so consumers will still be suitable to use Microsoft Authenticator on the iPhone and iPad.