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Choosing Between The Series 8 and The SE

Posted by Sophia Williams on

Both the apple watch 8 series and se have similar features, however there are some key variations relying on your desires. So which one are you considering and how much is the difference?

If you’ve been thinking about shopping for a new smartwatch to go with your iPhone, it’s only practical if you purchase an Apple Watch of some description. Yes, some Android watches work with your iPhone, however, the apple watch is explicitly designed with the iPhone in mind. It pairs up flawlessly and enhances your all-around experience. If you have AirPods or a MacBook, it’s a comparable story thanks to Apple making sure the entirety performs nicely together.

If you need assistance with figuring out where to begin or why it may additionally or can also now not be really worth paying more, we’re right here to help. The SE we are referring to is the newest version that was released in 2022. There’s the Apple Watch Ultra, too, however that’s a far more extravagant product mostly for the most adventurous outside individuals possible.


While the series 8 and the SE are comparable in design, the Apple Watch Series eight affords an ever so barely larger screen with both a 41mm or 45mm display, while on the other hand, the SE having both 40mm or 44mm. What this means is that the Apple Watch Series eight weighs just a smidge more.
The Apple Watch Series eight, 41mm weighs about 31.9g or 32.2g the difference being if you bought the cellular option. The 45mm weighs 38.8g or 39.1g. In comparison, the Apple Watch SE weighs both 26.4g and 27.8g for the 40mm and 42.9g or 33g for the 44mm model. This may or may not aid in choosing between the two, however, it should be a low factor if it does, in my opinion. 


While the Apple Watch Series eight may additionally have greater sensors(not by much) and features, the two smartwatches share the identical battery lifestyles of up to 18 hours. Generally, you’ll want to recharge the watch in a single day to preserve it going for walks for longer than a full day. Battery existence can drop quicker if you tend to use your watch a lot, such as going for a lengthy run, hiking, or listening to a lot of tune via the watch. With that being said, there is a feature that the series 8 has that may entice you. It has a speedy charging feature where it can charge from 0 to 80% in about forty five minutes. You’ll need a quick charging cable for this.