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Can I use My Apple Watch As My Iphone

Posted by Sophia Williams on

It appears that the Apple Watch’s final aim used to be to be an iPhone killer of sorts. Seven years after the launch of Apple’s first wearable, it appears we may have fallen quick of this grand ambition. The Apple Watch Ultra is truely the most state-of-the-art wearable gadget the Cupertino corporation has created to date. It is additionally the most highly-priced - the Ultra prices simply as plenty as the entry-level iPhone 14 ($799). his delivered me again to the unique aim Apple had in thinking when designing its watches. The rate of watches can now copy that of smartphones, however does that additionally follow to functionality? Maybe the future is right here and we have clearly no longer realized it? Thus, I determined to put the Ultra to a very bizarre check - can it exchange my trusty iPhone 14 Pro Max.