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Brazilian actor buys Apple Watch Series 6 online, receives a stone instead

Posted by Elizabeth Sullivan on

It’s not every day that you buy an Apple product online and receive something completely different. A Brazilian actor recently ordered an Apple Watch Series 6 online and somehow got a stone instead…

According to Brazilian blogger Lo Bianco (via MacMagazine), Murilo Benício, a famous Brazilian actor, bought a blue 44mm Apple Watch Series 6 online from the retailer Carrefour. After 12 days of waiting, Benício got a stone delivered instead.

The actor paid around $530 for the 2020 Apple Watch. When he opened the package, he was surprised to find a stone in the place of the Apple Watch Series 6. Benício tried to reach Carrefour, but the company said it couldn’t help the actor, as he took more than seven days to make a complaint.

Subsequently, the Brazilian actor sued the company. This is an excerpt of what Benício’s lawyer wrote in the lawsuit:

he plaintiff, famous actor, nationally known, protagonist in several soap operas, could never imagine, even in the most dazzling script, such a dramatic outcome for a scene – the moment to open the package sent by the defendant. Definitely not the grand finale that he would’ve hoped.

The Brazilian actor asked for his money back and also that the store was sentenced to an indemnity payment of $2,600.

Finally, last week, the company and the actor made a deal, and Carrefour agreed to pay him around $1,500. As of now, it’s unclear whether Benício will buy another Apple Watch Series 6, as with this price he could get a Stainless Steel model and some bands as well – Brazil has one of the most expensive Apple Watches in the market.