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Apples Update With AirTag

Posted by Sophia Williams on

Apple has released two firmware updates for its AirTag item follower since November. still, the company was yet to detail what has changed with these updates. As noted by some customers, Apple has eventually participated what’s new with the rearmost AirTag firmware updates. Then’s what has changed with AirTag firmware updates2.0.24 and2.0.36
In a support composition on Apple’s website, the company now details what’s new in AirTag firmware updates2.0.24 and2.0.36. Version2.0.24 of the AirTag firmware, released on November 10, eventually lets iPhone customers detect an unknown AirTag with Precision Finding.
This point was blazoned by Apple before this time as part of the company’s measures to help people from using AirTag for stalking purposes. When the iPhone detects an unknown AirTag moving with a person, they can use Precision Finding combined with a sound alert to snappily find and disable that AirTag.

Apple has also enhanced announcement cautions for when an AirTag separated from its proprietor is moving with you. Of course, some of these features bear an iPhone 11 or latterly, as they calculate on the U1 chip with Ultra Wideband technology. As for AirTag firmware update2.0.36, released on December 12, Apple says it has fixed an issue in which the accelerometer set up into the AirTag wasn’t operating in certain scripts. This detector is probably used to help the iPhone catch when an AirTag is moving.