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Apple's Future Projects

Posted by Sophia Williams on

Apple is reportedly planning to make MicroLED displays sometime ahead for apple watch models either in 2024 or 2025, Bloomberg stated in a report on January 10. This would further help moving forward with Apple trying to use and make their own parts without having to calculate on factors from outside suppliers. Earlier this week Mark Gurman reported that, apple is currently working on an all in one chip that handles WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular networking. Apple has already covered powering their iPhone's, iPad's, macs, apple watches, and Apple TVs with an in-house silicon.

With all of these strives, the end target for Apple is to have more control over later products with lower threat of issues and lapses that are out of the company’s control. Mosdtly for screens in particular, a shift like this could impact the business outlook for suppliers like Samsung Display and LG Display, which give the bulk of Apple’s current panels.