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Apple Watch Ultra Review

Posted by Sophia Williams on

Just how much can the Ultra really do? To truly discover this, we took it diving, hit the slopes, decided to really go out into the woods, and ran until our legs could barely stand. The $799 Ultra was once billed as the Apple Watch for any and all outdoor adventurers and triathletes. So we spent these past three months devising a sequence of mini-reviews concentrated on countless features of the Ultra. To begin with, we decided to see how nicely the Ultra’s revamped Compass app and 86db emergency siren labored on an off-the-grid hike. So, we went out and dare I say got lost with the Ultra in Yosemite National Park to take a look at the limits of the Ultra’s navigational skills and its Backtrack feature. Plus, we pitted the Ultra’s Siren in opposition to a $4 protection whistle to see which had the wider range.