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Apple Watch Step Counter

Posted by Sophia Williams on

One of the stylish ways to make the utmost of retaining an Apple Watch is to customize your watch face with complications. These complications offer quick ganders at the information that matters utmost to you. For some people, that information might be diurnal step count progress. still, it's because there is not one — not natively, at least, If you have not seen a step- count complication when changing your Apple Watch face before. While there are complications for the rainfall, timekeepers, your Apple Watch rings and other useful tidbits of information, there is not automatic way to see your step count on your Apple Watch face. Luckily, the Apple Watch supports a huge collection of third- party Apple Watch apps. Advancements to the Apple Watch's software, which is presently interpretation watchOS 9, have allowed further app inventors to influence complications for the Apple Watch face experience. That is how I was suitable to add a step counter to my Apple Watch face.