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Apple Watch Series 9

Posted by Sophia Williams on

The Apple Watch has been a big success for the company, nailing the wearables fashion at the first attempt. With 2023 finally here, we’re searching ahead to seeing what Apple will do with the subsequent technology of its digital timepiece. So, here’s all the news, and/or rumors we’ve heard thus far about the Apple Watch Series 9 and also our expectations for the new device.

Apple Watch Series 9: Release date
Apple has a certain launch agenda for its Watches that is basically clockwork. For years now, its state-of-the-art iterations have all been introduced around the 2nd and 3rd week of September, typically alongside the new iPhones, that are on-sale about a week and a half later.

It appears particularly not likely that Apple will be different about lauch dates this year, so we assume the Apple Watch Series 9 to launch in September 2023, in all likelihood on September 6 or 12.

Again, Apple has been remarkably constant with its pricing approach for the Apple Watch for U.S. buyers. However, 2022 noticed European international locations take the hit of various fee increases.That being said, the U.K. noticed the baseline product go up about £50.

With a fee upward shove in Europe already in place, we’d anticipate the Series 9 to have a comparable charge as the Apple Watch Series eight it replaces. So, it will potentially estimate around $399/£419.

Apple Watch Series 9: Design and specs
With the later technology of the Apple Watch currently off in the distance at this time, details about what new points Apple may want to introduce stays extraordinarily sparse. There are a few possibilities and new features that we can hope for.