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Apple Watch Series 8 is changing up its colors and materials, says leaker

Posted by Elizabeth Sullivan on

The Apple Watch Series 8 is in store for some finish changes.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is prime for a major shakeup when it comes to its colors and finish materials on the base model, according to one leaker.

Apple leaker ShrimpApplePro, who previously called some of the changes on the Apple Watch Series 7 correctly, is out with some predictions for the base model Apple Watch Series 8. According to the leaker, the regular version of the Series 8 will feature the same design as the previous model.

In addition to the same design, the Series 8 will drop its Blue and Green color options for the Aluminum model but add in a Silver option. Midnight, Starlight, and Red will stick around.

The Stainless Steel version will drop the Gold colorway but maintain the Graphite and Silver options. Titanium options will reportedly be dropped altogether for the regular version. They also note that there do not appear to be any new sensors in the standard model either, calling into question any new health features.

Where is all of that titanium going?
Why is Apple dropping titanium from its options for the standard Apple Watch Series 8? Well, that material may be reserved for the rumored Apple Watch Pro. Multiple reports indicate that Apple is planning to release a more durable version of the Apple Watch for those looking to take it into more extreme conditions and, to do so, the company is planning to use titanium as its stronger material for the new model.

The Apple Watch Pro, in addition to coming in a more durable material, is also expected to feature a larger display, longer battery life, and potentially even satellite communication.

ShrimpApplePro says that the "mass production date is late August," so it appears that at least the regular Apple Watch Series 8 models will be released on schedule at Apple's event in September.