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Apple Watch GPS

Posted by Sophia Williams on

This is typically an update for nerdy athletes, however it’s a small indication that Apple has greater self belief in the battery life of its watches.

If you’re questioning shopping for a new Apple Watch, there’s some thing you have to be aware of about the GPS tracking. Apple has verified that the Apple Watch Series 8, second-gen SE, and Ultra won’t sync to your iPhone’s GPS signal if your telephone is nearby. Instead, all three will depend on their built-in GPS sensors. Older models, however, will continue to use your iPhone’s GPS when possible.

While this update wasn’t a secret, it flew beneath the radar due to the fact of flashier updates like Crash Detection, temperature sensors, and, well, the Ultra’s whole existence. With that being said, DC Rainmaker — a well-known and respected sports and tech reviewer — noticed that Apple made it authentic by way of including a line to an Apple Watch assist page.