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Apple Watch Can Now Open Your Tesla

Posted by Sophia Williams on

If you happen to own a Tesla and Apple watch then there are some special features for you. You can now possibly open your Tesla with your apple watch. It doesn't require any internet connection in order to do this. You have an iPhone, an iMac, an iPad, and perhaps indeed a Watch. The ultimate might be perceived as just an extension for your phone or a nice addition for your wrist, but, as Apple proved with the current generation, this little thing is able of importantmuch moreNaturally, this idea piqued the interest of numerous technologically inclined people. Among them, you ’ll find Tesla possessors. And someone that fits in both these orders decided that it’s time to use your Apple- made smartwatch as a key for your each- electric vehicle. Which lead them to make an app for exactly that. This app is "Stats For Model S/ X/ 3/ Y", this new and smart piece of software turns your Apple Watch into a Tesla auto key. Now, with this new app, if you lose your phone, you don't need to worry about your valuables with surfing on the horizon. You just need the app installed on your apple watch and to go through the set up and you're all set.