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Apple Watch App- New And Improved

Posted by Sophia Williams on

Developer Hidde van der Ploeg has launched a ChatGPT-based app for the watchOS, called watchGPT. It is still listed as 'Petey - AI Assistant' on the Apple App Store, the paid app comes with a complication that permits the utility to be launched without delay from a like minded watch face. With the app open, it is then viable to make voice requests that ChatGPT then procedures and tries to answer.

Supposedly, the Apple Watch's small face makes watchGPT a higher choice than traditional search engines for shortly searching up information. Currently, the app helps Dutch, English, French, and Spanish; it stays to be considered when van der Ploeg will combine different language options. According to the developer, their app can additionally share solutions by email, SMS or social media whilst now not accumulating any data itself. Additionally, van der Ploeg hopes to add points like the potential to study solutions by an Apple Watch's built-in speaker and to have complete conversations inside the app.

Eventually, it will quickly be feasible to set off voice inputs immediately from the watch complication instead than clicking to open the app and then making a request. Furthermore, van der Ploeg desires will to combine a records of preceding requests.