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Apple Watch Aids in Smart Homes

Posted by Sophia Williams on

Your apple watch can control more things than you may think. Did you lose the remote to your tv again? Well don't stress, because your apple watch can help you with this problem. The capacity to manage gadgets from your wrist isn’t constrained to TVs, either. If you’re already ensconced inside Apple’s ecosystem, you can additionally use the Apple Watch to manage your iPhone and iPad. Also if you use HomeKit, it’s an handy way to manipulate your smart home without having to use your phone. Regardless of which machine you desire to control, here’s how to do it.

Apple TV:
I cannot even give you a number of how many times I have lost my tv remote. It feels as if I put it down for a second, and poof, when I look back it's no where to be found. In these instances, I’m satisfied my Apple Watch is actually strapped to my wrist so there is no chance of misplacing that. Now, you will have to make sure your devices are using the same network to be able to use your watch to scroll through your apps on your tv. Once you have that fixed, you will need to open to remote app on your watch and choose your apple tv name. From here, you will see a "<" button in the bottom left corner (on your watch), and your tv icon. You can just swipe down, up, left or right to control the tv from there. The < button just takes you back to the screen you were before if you just tap it, if you hold it down then it takes you to your main menu. The tv button will take you to your home screen.

Smart home
One apparent use is to command Siri on your watch to manage your smart home. If you already have HomeKit all set up, then you don’t have to do much. You can simply pull Siri up on your watch and inform her what to do. Now, if you use Alexa in your smart home, you still have the ability to use your Apple Watch to manipulate your home. You will want to install the Can app. This will be a handy workaround. Once installed, you can use that app to send voice instructions to Alexa from your apple watch.