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Apple Watch Aids In Pumping

Posted by Sophia Williams on

The new 3 Willow breast pump is made to assist nursing parents continue on with their lives whilst still pumping, and its ultra-modern new function provides a greater degree of convenience: a partner app for the Apple Watch. The app lets you control the modes so you can manipulate suction, and keep track of your time without having to mess with the pump itself or have to grab your phone. I know this may not sound life changing, however in case you weren’t aware, breast pumping can be horrible and lonely. Therefore, anything that helps that not be the case is amazing and any mom would agree.

Throughout an awful lot of history, pumping meant you would have to stop what you are doing, each few hours to take a seat connected to this heavy and awkwardly large contraption plugged into a wall. Luckily the last couple of years, in-bra pumps like Willow were finally made. They were small and contained and made specifically to be hands free! They’re really great if you decide you would like to actually do something out of your residence for longer than three hours and not have to worry about going all the way back home because you need to pump.